Keystone Employment Services

“We Never Lose Sight of the Person”


Keystone’s mission is to promote and support individuals with disabilities in becoming valued, productive members of the community.  

About Us

In 1997, the Executive Director of Community Alternatives for People with Autism (CAPA), which provides supported living services to adults with autism, made a decision to appeal to Pierce County Human Services to allow CAPA to also provide employment support. Pierce County agreed to contract with CAPA so that CAPA could provide day programs to its very high needs program participants, who had not succeeded with any other employment/day program vendor. Keystone Employment Services was developed as a separate program from CAPA to provide employment and Community Inclusion support to CAPA participants as well as other adults in the community. Keystone is currently providing employment/Community Inclusion services to several CAPA participants, and approximately 50 adults, with a variety of different disabilities and from a variety of different living situations.

Johanna Reed-Werner was part of the inception of Keystone, and was integral to the success of the program. “I am quite proud of Keystone’s growth and many successes. The Keystone staff truly care about their clients, and the development of programs that suit the client’s individual needs and choices.”

What our customers are saying…

“Keystone’s Recycling Program has allowed my son to gain work experience in the community while earning wages. This is a great program, because it allows individuals who may encounter barriers working in a traditional work environment, to gain valuable skills for future employment opportunities.”

– Jerry P. Rodefer Sr.

“We have enjoyed almost a twelve-year partnership with Keystone in employing associates whom have challenges in their basic life circumstances….with Keystone aiding and supporting their clients we have been able to adapt and modify jobs with reasonable accommodation that allow clients to be productive and contributing associates. I can and would recommend Keystone as a resource agency for employing individuals with challenges.”

-Tim Owens [Retired] Store Manager



Community Inclusion (CI) & PASRR (Preadmission Screening and Resident Review)

CI provides individuals with opportunities to build positive relationships in their local communities, and to apply life skills that promote greater independence and social integration.

Job Search, Placement and Retention

Keystone assist in developing a resume detailing abilities and strengths, which is an essential part of the Job Search process. Team meetings with family/friends assist us in developing plans for the job exploration, based on the individual’s comfort level and personal needs. Job placement is fulfilled when the proper match is found for the individual and the employer.

Division of Vocation Rehabilitation (DVR)

DVR provides employment services and counseling to individuals with disabilities who want to work but experience barriers to work because of a physical, sensory, and/or mental disability.

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to employment is a service which assists in building skills and prepares the individual for competitive employment within the community. Individuals in this program volunteer for an undetermined amount of time at a non-profit organization. The long term goal is paid employment.

Individualized Employment (IE)

IE is a program designed to assist individuals to acquire and maintain employment in the community. Our goal is to match an individual with an appropriate job opportunity while offering support as needed to ensure success.

Transition Services

Keystone Services offers individualized vocational training to students while they are completing their required education. Keystone will assist the students to meet their vocational and I.E.P. goals.